How to be a Proper Gal (2014-2015)

htbapgThis series was created as a critique on the media’s (and by extension, society’s) portrayal of women, and how women “should” look if they want to be “beautiful” or “important.” There are two components to this series. The first is an abundant set of digitally drawn portraits of various types of women, while the second is a short graphic novel chronicling the effects of media portrayal on young women. The series officially debuted in the 2015 Senior Exhibition located within the Southeastern Contemporary Art Gallery in Hammond, LA.

Vacant from Your Magazine (2014-2015)

The first component of my senior series, which overall is titled How to be a Proper Gal, is a collection of digitally illustrated portraits of various types of women. All of these women have traits that are otherwise “shunned” or “shamed” in some way within society and the media, although some subjects are a touch more subtle than the rest (covered in freckles versus being an elderly woman, or dressing in drag versus having a Mohawk). The message of this set is simple: all women deserve recognition. The physical size of these prints, which is approximately 2″x3.5″, forces the viewer to take them in at a much more intimate distance than, say, a large scale painting.

Hidden by a Camera Flash (2015)

senior things 3The second component of my senior series is a short graphic novel following an encounter of two girls, one demeaned by society and the other who looks like a magazine cut out. In this abbreviated tale, the viewer is treated to the fact that looks can certainly be deceiving–but in the end, we are all human. Each page is approximately 5.5″x8.5″, and it sits at 18 pages long.

Currently, it is unavailable online, although I plan to offer a PDF in my online store once it is launched. In the meantime, please contact me if you are interested in seeing this short story.

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