ZZZZZZ14Hello there! Name’s Kayla, and, as you can guess, I’m the artist in charge of Naive Candy! I’ve been drawing my whole life, but it wasn’t until January 2005 that I acquired my first drawing tablet and was able to get into digital art seriously. It’s been a long road, but I wouldn’t change any part of it, nor do I believe I’ll be stepping off this path any time soon.

But who am I, anyway? Small town kid who made her way out through university and into a bigger city in a different state, owner of a cute tiny cat, and lover of colors and storytelling. Ever since I was a wee little thing, I was making up characters to make my own stories, usually reflections of or inserts into cartoon or movie worlds I was into at the time. Japanese animation – and particularly, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball Z – were where my serious love of fantastical settings started. Ever since, I’ve been way too obsessed with world building and character creation. I have hundreds of characters, most with way too much time invested in them, and plenty of worlds to play around with, too. As can be expected, my goals for the future involve various forms of storytelling, such as graphic novels and animations.

As of now, most of my work involves solitary illustrations as opposed to more thorough storytelling, which I hope to change soon.

Apart from who I am, personally, I do find I get asked the question “why Naive Candy?” every so often. Honestly, I don’t entirely remember the thought process that went into the name originally (I’ve had it for over a decade now!), but now that I’m older and actually using it officially, I do believe it’s fitting. Due to the cartoonish nature of my general art style, naive feels appropriate, whereas candy fits my love of using lots of colors and sparkling effects.

For more information, feel free to contact me at the following addresses:

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