In addition to merchandise and prints sold at conventions across the US, I also offer freelance services in two very distinct ways: personal use and commercial use.

Personal use describes pieces commissioned for a personal enjoyment. These prices are much cheaper due to the fact they legally cannot be used for any sort of profit. Character illustrations, social media icons, and sketch commissions are the most common personal use commissions offered, and their resolution is generally too low for redistribution.

  • For all personal use commissions, please contact me at
  • Prices start at $15 USD and increase based on crop, quality, design complexity, and content, unless otherwise specified.

Commercial use describes any commissions that will be used for the sake of any profit. If the art will be used in a way that gains the commissioner money immediately or in the future, then it immediately becomes commercial use. These commissions have a much steeper price point due to the nature of them. Freelance work for any websites, brands, games, or companies, as well as any sort of concept work, generally will fall under commercial use. As can be expected, much higher resolution artworks are supplied for commercial use.

  • For all commercial use commissions, please contact me at
  • Quotes and other details will be discussed over email, and prices will vary depending on what work is required.


If, for whatever reason, I discover a personal use commission has been used commercially without prior discussion between the buyer and myself, I reserve the right to take legal action against the offender.