Personal Commissions

Black + White Commissions

These commissions are devoid of color outside of whites, blacks, and greys (except, potentially, accented in a simple background). These are the cheapest commissions you can get. Prices are per character. Black & white commissions are given a transparent background by default.

  • Chibi – $20 USD
  • Bust – $25 USD
  • Simple Colored Background – additional $3 USD

Colored Commissions

These commissions are full of plenty of color! From vibrant neons to soft pastels, color commissions increase the price of your order. Prices are per character. Colored commissions come with a simple background for no additional charge!

  • Chibi – $25 USD
  • Bust – $40 USD
  • Full Body – $55 USD

Miscellaneous Add-Ons

Sometimes we want a few extra little things in a commission. I absolutely offer this! See below for various options you have to add on to your order. All of these prices are in addition to an above option.

  • Additional Character – prices are per character! 🙂 Maximum of five per illustration.
  • Complex Background – ranges from +$10 to $125 USD, increasing based on complexity and level of detail requested
  • Intricate Character Design Fee – starting at +$5 USD, increasing based on complexity and specific commission type chosen
  • High Resolution – +$40 USD, require for a physical copy.
  • Physical Copy* – +$35 USD, must have also purchased High Resolution.
  • Rush Fee – ranges from +$30 to $125 USD, based on overall commission complexity and deadline.

*Physical copies can only be requested in addition to commissions with a high resolution. This means you will need to pay both the $40 USD to purchase a high resolution, as well as the $35 USD to send a print. Should you wish to purchase a physical copy after the commission is completed, you consent to the fact that the printed colors may be too dark or otherwise “off” in the print.

Interested in a commission? Send an email to with the subject line titled “Requesting a Commission Quote” and the following information:

Commission Type: Required. Black and White / Colored / etc
Specific Pose(s): Optional! Descriptions are good, reference photos are perfect.
Background: Optional!
Number of Characters: Required. Maximum of five (5).
Preferred Method of Contact: Required. Email or Twitter DMs (provide your username).
PayPal Email: Required. This is in order to send you an invoice for your commission.
Add-Ons: Optional! Please note if you would like a high resolution or physical copy of your commission, etc.
Deadline: Optional! Please keep in mind deadlines shorter than two weeks will incur a rush fee charge at my discretion.
Reference Images: Required. If you do not include reference images of your character(s), I will not be able to accept the commission. Sourcing various images with clear notes on what to take from each one is also allowed!
Any extra information: Optional! If there are any other things you wish to specify for this commission, please note them here! Do try to keep things simple and to the point; avoid rambling.

Once I am able to respond to the email (give me about 24-72 hours), I will be able to discuss a total with you if I am able to take your commission. Thank you for your interest! Additionally, while no one is obligated to do so, I am always so honored by any commissioner who feels I deserve a tip; thank you from the bottom of my heart!