Personal Use Commissions

Terms and Conditions

Personal Use Commission Process

This is the most common process for my commissions. Certain exceptions may apply, but will be discussed prior to payment.

  1. The client and the artist discuss what the content for the commission will be.
  2. A rough, scaled down sketch is sent to the client.
  3. After confirmation, an invoice is sent to the client.
  4. After payment is complete, work begins on the commission. This step may take anywhere from 1-90 days unless otherwise agreed upon.
  5. During this time, the client may request up to three progress shots that will be scaled down, and/or request minor edits.
  6. Once work is completed, artwork will be delivered to the client.

Commission Rates

Prices are based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the following: crop, resolution, complexity, and content. My current rates are as follows;



Bust: $25-32 USD
Half Body: $32-47 USD
Full Body: $47-63 USD

Monochromatic commissions will be essentially “black and white” but with a tint of color. There’s no definition of different colors in the character’s design, generally speaking — it is, basically, a commission type that is simply inks / lineart with shading and some highlighting. Prices are per character and vary depending on design complexity. Commissioners choose the accent color.


Full Color

Bust: $32-47 USD
Half Body: $47-63 USD
Full Body: $63-93 USD

Full Color commissions are illustrations with, generally, a character’s full color palette, as well as shading. Prices are per character and vary depending on design complexity.



$16-124 USD

Backgrounds can range from simple abstract textures to scenes with extreme detail. Price will be determined based on complexity. Resolution will be taken into account, as well.


More Add-Ons for Your Commissions

Extra Characters: Full price, maximum of five (5).
High Resolution: +$47 USD
Physical Copy*: +$32 USD
Rush Fee: +$32-120 USD (depending on complexity and deadline)

*Physical copies can only be requested in addition to commissions with a high resolution. This means you will need to pay both the $47 USD to purchase a high resolution, as well as the $32 USD to send a print. Should you wish to purchase a physical copy after the commission is completed, you consent to the fact that the printed colors may be too dark or otherwise “off” in the print.

Interested in a commission? Send an email to with the subject line titled “Requesting a Commission Quote” and the following information:

Commission Type: Monochromatic, Full Color, etc.
Specific Pose(s): Optional! Descriptions are good, reference photos are perfect.
Background: Optional!
Number of Characters: Maximum of five (5).
Preferred Method of Contact: Email or Twitter DMs (provide your username).
PayPal Email: This is in order to send you an invoice for your commission.
Add-Ons: Optional! Please note if you would like a high resolution or physical copy of your commission.
Deadline: Optional!
Reference ImagesMandatory. If you do not include reference images of your character(s), I will not be able to accept the commission. See Petisu’s tips for ordering commissions here and read the “Provide Good Reference Images” section if you do not currently have an exact reference.
Any extra information: If there are any other things you wish to specify for this commission, please note them here! Do try to keep things simple and to the point; avoid rambling!

Once I am able to respond to the email (give me about 24-72 hours), I will be able to discuss a total with you if I am able to take your commission. Thank you for your interest! Additionally, due to the nature of PayPal invoices, I am unable to accept gratuity under normal means. If you would really like to include it, however, I do have a tip jar set up. I’m so honored for any commissioner who feels I deserve a tip, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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