November Update – Chibi Sale until December!

Whoops, it’s been pretty quiet on the homefront!

That being said, I come bearing a little update: I’m doing a chibi commission sale! Check out the information below and shoot me an email, or maybe you prefer interaction Twitter form. 😀

And long story short: my phone is, for the multitude of things I use it for, extremely near the end of its life. I really need an upgrade asap, but I’m hoping this sale will help alleviate the financial stress getting said upgrade would put on me – at least a little bit! Thank you again, and feel free to spread to word either through retweeting the post on twitter or otherwise sharing the link to this blog entry! My only request is that you do not repost these images without my permission.




Additionally, the business page has been updated – now you can see my normal personal use prices, as well as view my terms and conditions.

That’s all for now! Stay sweet~

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