Animations and Short Films


Long Beard and a Rain Coat (2013) | YouTube Link

This was a narrative assignment given by Cristina Molina that doubled as a way to go in depth on sound- and voice-recording. We were each to pick out our own “Missed Personals” ad from Craigslist and turn it into something of our own, all while narrating the situation. In my video, a man is seeking to get in touch with another man… but he’s “not gay!” Maybe just a little on the creepy side. All voice work and artwork created by me.

This video was featured in the 2014 SELUCAG Student Exhibition at Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA, as a part of a collection of videos created by my classmates. Another of my pieces, The Ribbon, was displayed as well.


The Ribbon (2013) | YouTube Link

A Surrealism assignment from Animation II, done in late 2013. We were first to pick an abstract image, and then we had to spend a good chunk of time doing an “automatic writing” exercise based off of how we interpreted the image. From there, we were to pick and choose elements, and form them into a movie. The story behind my piece is certainly up to interpretation, although I was inspired by (what I perceived as) the Red String of Fate.

This video was featured in the 2013 Microwave of Mind exhibition at the Hammond Regional Arts Center, Hammond, LA, along with another piece of mine titled Porcelain, which was a stop motion video I created with another classmate. It was also featured within the 2014 SELUCAG Student Exhibition at Southeastern Louisiana University, within the same city.


Porcelain (2013) | YouTube Link (n/a)

This short stop-motion film was my first Animation assignment done with a partner, and it is currently the only group piece I have under my belt from university. Alycia Berry and I worked together to create a disturbing tale of a girl who is turned into a living doll by her own father, from storyboard to recording. Inspiration was drawn from Mad Father, an independently produced video game, and ball-jointed dolls. The final product is, unfortunately, missing.

Porcelain, along with my solo piece, The Ribbon, were featured in the 2013 Microwave of Mind exhibition at the Hammond Regional Arts Center, Hammond, LA.


Is it Broken? (2013) | YouTube Link

Our final animation within the introductory New Media & Animation course was simply to be a short film using various functions within Adobe After Effects. This video is one of the earliest animated pieces I created while enrolled in the university, and serves as a reminder of how much I have developed.

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