Miscellaneous Projects

These are simply a collection of individual projects created that fall away from the norm in terms of what I typically create. They are not connected in any way, unless stated otherwise.

Untitled 3D Landscape (2014)

A nonsensical culmination of introductory level knowledge of the Autodesk Maya three-dimensional imaging software from university. The goal of this early assignment was to familiarize ourselves with the basic tools of the program, as well as create a fun, fictitious landscape.

Transcendence (2014)

A sculptural piece done within the summer of 2014 for university, Transcendence was created by handcrafting a wooden frame and connecting it through various methods that removed the necessity of nails. Paper was applied and made to be taut to give a drum-like quality to the piece. Finally, watercolor clouds were strung from the very top and allowed to fall below the bottom of the frame as a symbol of breaking free from society’s structural boundaries.

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